Peer review

A big thank you to two fellow EDC101 students who volunteered to review my blog, Switched On, and provide a marked rubric and comments.

Attached are the two rubrics for you to read (comments have been copied and pasted into blog below for convenience):

Review by Katie:

Comments: Angela you have great content. You blog looks great, you have used great pictures and resources and covered the content well. There isn’t much personal reflection as such. On the description of what is required it states that each entry should be a reflection of what was learnt that week. To me that means it needs to be a little more personal. Other than that there really isn’t much I would change at this point, except to say that a couple of your blogs are very long and they are meant to be on average 200 words. It is a well laid out document that is easy to read and very informative. The blog itself looks fantastic, crisp and clean and that allows for easy reading. The last 2 blogs start with exactly the same phrase (a bit picky on my part) but maybe try rewording one of them. Other than Angela it is an extremely good piece of work of which you should feel confident about. Excellent work.

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking Angela Harvey by Katie_R

Review by Haley

Comments: Great Blog – Found a wide range of evidence, and you showed that you understood the content. Content – I believe you focused on your response to all the blogs. Organisation – The blog layout was found to be organised but not easy to navigate.. Having to scroll up and down to read and then go back up to continue the next blog entry. Grammar and Accuracy – Very good use of vocabulary and didn’t find any punctuation errors.

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking Angela Harvey by Haley_T

The comments provided by my peers are very encouraging.  After receiving both peers rubrics and comments I returned to my blog to review it in light of the feedback provided.  To a certain extent I agreed with Katie’s feedback about being more reflective and less formal.  I am cautious that the instructions for this assessment state that whilst we are to write reflections we will also be marked on “academic expression” so I have reviewed my blog entries to ensure I strike an appropriate balance. Many of the blogs I have uncovered throughout my research for this subject have surprised me in how informally they are written. To assist me in ensure I review and edit my blog posts to ensure they meet the criteria of “reflections” I also reviewed the reflective writing information sheet provided in Week 9. The changes I made are subtle phrases or sentence re-structures here and there, as for the most part I am satisfied with the content and extremely cautious not to add too much as I have more than exceeded the word limit for each blog already.

In response to Haley’s feedback regarding the blog layout, I disagree. Blogs are generally structured in reverse chronological order placing the most recent entry at the top. Even popular blogs are structured in this manner and by scrolling down you find varying topics of information posted to the blog earlier. I don’t think many people stumbling upon the blog would find themselves having to scroll to the bottom of the blog and then awkwardly work their way back up in order to make sense of the content. Possibly the only change I would consider would be to install I side menu panel.



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